Please object to this planning application at the corner of Fivefield Road and Tamworth Road.

Ref: OUT/2022/3246
40 Homes
Deadline – 29 Dec 2022, midnight
send to Planning@coventry.gov.uk
copy to emma.spandley@coventry.gov.uk

Bullet points follow below:

  • Still no firm decision on the planned primary school in Bennetts Road. The location is not sustainable as local amenities, School, Doctors, Chemist, shops etc. are not within walking distance and there is no adequate bus service. The development would be entirely car dependent.
  • No consultations sought from Education, Sport, NHS, Fire, Police, Woodland Trust, and Warwickshire Wildlife.
  • 4 Years after Mark Andrews assured us there would be a sponsor for the new Keresley SUE primary school, there is still nothing arranged.  At Banner Lane, and the Marconi development, schools were never constructed and land was returned to the developers.
  • The local hospitals are at 100% of capacity, as are the surgeries.  Doctors are at breaking point. There is  A national shortage of Doctors and therefore the development will be unable to accommodate any additional residents of Keresley.  Local surgeries were not consulted, nor was the primary care trust.
  • No 106 commitments offered.
  • Homes should not be built on this site because the view from the Hill Fort, a scheduled ancient monument, will  be damaged.  That view is deemed to be of “strategic importance” in the Coventry Council Keresley Masterplan SPD. It is untrue, as claimed in the Pegasus Heritage assessment that, “No intervisibility was ……identified between the heritage asset and the proposed development Site”. The picture below, was taken from Corley Rocks Scheduled Ancient Monument [ie the Hill Fort] in Dec 2022. The snow covered roofs of sheds in the existing farmyard at Hall Hill Farm, [in the centre of the picture], are clearly visible, contradicting the claims of the Pegasus report. Homes built on that site would be a blot on the landscape. Fern House, a locally listed building is also visible to the right and the setting of this asset too would be damaged.
  • The Keresley Masterplan SPD gives great weight to the views from the Hill Fort: “8. Key View Points. These are highlighted at Burrow Hill Fort and the top of Hounds Hill. These are considered of strategic importance linked to the setting of the SAM.”[emphasis added]
  • The local plan [[Green and Blue Infrastructure] pg212] includes a requirement “To ….protect the most sensitive historic view corridors and setting of the Hill Fort Scheduled Monument. This development will damage the view from the hill fort and its setting. As such the application egregiously violates both the local plan policy and the Keresley SUE SPD.
  • The planned exit onto Tamworth Road is dangerous and lies just after a bend. Cars often speed on this road and there have been fatalities in the fairly recent past.
  • They are allowing a 15m buffer to the Ancient Hall Yard Wood. This is the minimum allowed by Natural England who state ‘ A larger buffer may be required depending upon the size of the development.’The Woodland Trust, who have not be consulted, would request a much larger buffer – and have done so for the Bellways development OUT/2019/0022, just down the road. In Coventry’s Ecology SPD they state. ‘Surveys should include the whole of the development boundary and adjacent land where direct or indirect impacts upon adjacent habitats are anticipated.’ They have not surveyed Hall Yard Wood.
  • No firm provision in place for a bus service, currently three buses per day and no Sunday service.
  • The Fivefield Road is an Eco-site with Ancient Hedgerows. The hedgerow boundary separating Coventry/Corley is also Ancient.
  • They calculate 24 vehicle movements at peak hours – 40 houses x 2 cars all needing to use their cars to go anywhere plus delivery vehicles.