OUT/2022/0712 & OUT/2022/0713

URGENT – Please object to these two planning applications in Keresley OUT/2022/0712 and OUT/2022/0713 by Tuesday 18 Oct, Midnight.

OUT/2022/0712 – 290 homes next to Bunsons Wood, between Fivefield Rd and Bennetts Rd

OUT/2022/0713 – 260 homes behind Manor Farm, West of Bennetts Rd

Here are a number of points you might which to mention. A short objection is fine. Do add in your own relevant experiences such as – how long you have been waiting for surgery at the hospital, getting children into local schools, traffic in the morning and evening, cycling to town where they relate to the bullet points.

Email your objection to Planning Department and Emma Spandley.