Tamworth Road/Fivefield Road

A reminder that residents have received notification from Bellway Homes representatives Marrons Planning telling them they propose to apply to Coventry City Council later this year for full planning approval for 550 houses in Tamworth Road/Fivefield Road.

They are asking for comments on their proposals via the website www.landatkeresley.co.uk or by e-mailing keresley@marrons-planning.co.uk before the closing date of 23rd August.

Please lodge your comments before then, some points to consider:

  • Traffic assessments were undertaken in 2016 prior to Amazon/Lyons Park opening in late 2018. The traffic assessments only take into account 1250 dwellings of the 3200 planned for Keresley. They do not include 3200 dwellings planned for the neighbouring Eastern Green development either. The accident report states ‘No Major incidents’. In 2020 there were five major incidents on the Tamworth Road alone requiring the emergency services including two fatalities.
  • As yet no school provider is approved for the Free school. No plans are approved or submitted for the building of this school either. It is of paramount importance that residents have a school provided and this should be in place prior to occupation (which commences with the Wimpey development).
  • Final route and plans for the Link Road have yet to be completed. There is also no indication this link road is as yet fully funded and no start date or completion date planned. Similarly with the proposed junction in Sandpits Lane.
  • Guidelines state that bus stops should be located within 400m of a dwelling. There are no plans for a bus route into the Fivefield Road development and no assurances of proposed implementation of a bus service for Tamworth Road (currently 3 buses per day and no Sunday service). Distances to local amenities, G.P. service, school and shops are not within walking distance.
  • Public Footpaths were proposed to be re-routed. Footpath M315 cuts through the intended Link Road. To ensure safety of cyclists and pedestrians there should be a bridge constructed.
  • Ancient Woods are a fragile area that will not survive heavy disturbance. The Warwickshire Biodiversity Team assessment states ‘Large scale housing in the area would be detrimental to the site. This remains one of the most biodiverse and attractive pockets of land within Coventry, with the woodland habitat among the best in Warwickshire.’ The developers have proposed a 15m buffer to the woods, CCC have suggested a further 10m with planting. The Warwickshire Wildlife recommends 50m and the Woodland Trust a minimum of 50m and preferably 100m.
  • Both the developers experts, Sylvan and White Peak, have expressed concerns over the change in water flow to the woods which they say could have a detrimental effect. The Warwickshire Diversity Team have also expressed concerns over drainage which could seriously damage the health of the woods. Developers are planning a balance pool between the woods which could further restrict the water flow.

Do we need all these extra houses – NO

Do we need housing on the perimeter of a city which will necessitate car usage – NO

Do we need expensive executive housing in lieu of housing for young families – NO

Do we consider the designs for the houses on the proposed Bellway development in keeping with the Arden landscape design criteria –NO

Are we prepared to stand for the disrespect the developers have shown to the importance of the ancient woods and trees they are prepared to sacrifice – NO