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City Nature Challenge 2021

Friday 30th April– Monday 3rd May

This year Coventry will be participating in the global City Nature Challenge, the sixth annual City Nature Challenge which has expanded to more than 400 cities across six continents.

Due to Covid there will be no organised events but we are encouraging everyone to get out and help record wildlife in Coventry. Understanding of wildlife will help safeguard sites and guide sympathetic management.

Find and record wildlife in your home, neighbourhood, backyard, or anywhere else! It can be any wild plant, animal, fungi, slime mould, or any other evidence of life, such as scat, fur, tracks, shells, or carcasses. There’s lots of wildlife in homes, gardens and greenspaces across Coventry

Download the iNaturalist app to phone/tablet/laptop (available for windows/android/iphone) and use it to photograph and upload records

The CNC area covers the whole of Coventry* together with Coombe Abbey Park and Warwick University campus (*other cities may be available. But who cares?)
All of the records will be checked and assessed by a growing, international group of iNaturalist enthusiasts. All records will contribute to the global total and be passed to local and UK recording schemes

Friday 30th April – Monday 3rd May
Records for City Nature Challenge have to be submitted by May 9th at the very latest
City Nature Challenge is fun and exciting but iNaturalist records can be submitted all day every day and helps us build an understanding of wildlife. Even if its outside Coventry.

iNaturalist app

The app is based on taking photo of animal/plant using phone and uploading record. It is easy. The app is pretty good at suggesting identifications but once uploaded there’s a well-established community to help. Photos can also be effortlessly uploaded from camera etc using desktop version

Download app from (or from Google Play/ App store). The website has lots of useful information and guidance

Once you create an account and log in you can start uploading records or see what everyone else has been doing

There are lots of helpful YouTube videos eg

Coventry City Nature Challenge

Details of Coventry and all the records can be found at:

Fivefield Road/Tamworth Road

There was a Council Planning Meeting on 4th March 2021. This meeting recommended approval for the development of 550 houses in Fivefield Road/Tamworth Road in Keresley.

There were eight Planning Committee Councillors present – three Conservative ward councillors and five Labour councillors.

The presentation did not include photographs of the area showing the landscape and Ancient Woods or the congested, dangerous country roads which will be expected to accommodate high volumes of traffic. There was no site inspection. Councillors were being asked to vote on this application, an area they were not familiar with.

A Planning Officer appraising the traffic situation stated “I am clutching at straws given my lack of geographical knowledge of the area”. A Coventry Council Ecologist in his report, objected to the application unless a survey of the Ancient Woods was forthcoming. Traffic surveys were conducted in 2016 prior to the opening of the Amazon site (2018) and subsequent developments in Lyons Park which has generated a huge amount of traffic in the area.

This was a complicated and extensive application. Four of the Planning Committee members did not ask one single question. The voting was 5 for and 3 against.

A petition was handed to the Council objecting to this development and further Keresley developments, totalling 7,000 signatures and endorsed by Andy Street who has long advocated a Brownfield First policy in his approach to housebuilding.

What has happened to our Democratic Society and the Council’s pledge to its residents of transparency? Clearly not in evidence concerning matters of Planning.

Tamworth Road/Fivefield Road Application

The Planning Application OUT/2019/0022 for Tamworth Road/Fivefield Road is going to the Planning Committee on 4th March. Details can be accessed from here by downloading the agenda reports PDF. The Recommendation put forward by the Council is to grant planning permission subject to conditions.

The meeting is by Zoom and residents can register to speak if they have previously sent an objection to this application to CCC.